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Earning Station is a free and simple to use customer rewards platform

established in 2011 and pays members cash for completing online offers

and activities such as watching videos, shopping, taking surveys, playing

games, etc.

Open to countries

Earning Station is open only to residents from United States.

Types of surveys and offers

Offers – Earning Station has a lot of advertisers with different offers,

available for completion. Offers include simple promotional campaigns

for different products and services.

For example, sign up for a new online subscription service or join a coupon club.

Paid surveys – you can earn points for completing online daily surveys.

Videos – watch the latest news, entertainment and music.

You can earn $0.02 everyday for watching the daily video on Earning Station.

Shopping – you can now purchase great deals from Groupon right from your

Earning Station account.

You can get a great deal on item prices and also get cash back.

You will get 5.5% Cash back for each purchased item.

Games – you can earn cash back from playing games. Earning Station has

partnered with The Game Show Network to provide members with the best

opportunity to earn cash back while playing their favorite games.

You will earn 20% cash back into your account for every $1 spent at GSN.

Earning streak

You can double, triple and quadruple your earnings for completing daily activity.

In order to double your daily earnings, you have to come back every day and

answer the daily poll, watch the daily video, attempt a Live Sample survey,

and view the new Daily Dose to keep your Earnings Streak going.

10 Days = Double your Daily Earnings

30 Days = Tripe your Daily Earnings

50 Days = Quadruple your Daily Earnings

Ernie’s email

When you receive an email from Ernie you have to open and see what is inside.

Once you click on “Confirm Ernie’s Mail” your account will be credited with a

cash value from $0.01 to $.0.5


You can receive your payments through a virtual gift card or PayPal.

Minimum payout is $10.

 Referral Program

Refer your friends to join Earning Station between March 2, 2017 and

March 31, 2017 and earn 10% of their earnings for life.

If your referrals earn $5.00 before April 10, 2017, you will receive $5 in your account.

Join Earning Station for free.

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