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Affiliates looking to make advertising revenue from their websites and

mailings lists but have no time to deal directly with multiple paid survey


Here I can show you how to make cash from your site by joining the

affiliate networks that pays always on time commission payments,

are reliable, professional and have excellent support of affiliate managers.

You can benefit from having access to a lot of paid survey CPA campaigns.

CPA means Cost per Action. Advertisers under the CPA model pay only

when a specific action is taken on their websites. This action can be as

simple as filling out a form on advertiser’s website.

  What is incentive traffic?

Incentive traffic is when you offer to members some kind of rewards

to sign up to an advertiser through your affiliate link.

You have to understand that while affiliate networks do allow incentive

traffic, you will be limited to advertising only the few paid survey

campaigns which accept it.

Most campaigns do not accept incentive traffic.

In most cases, leads are tracked in real time, but there can be up

to a 5 minute delay for the server of affiliate network to refresh statistics.

First, sign up as an affiliate with one or more affiliate networks, which

work with surveys campaigns (see my suggestions below).

Find surveys campaigns which pay you per leads and promote them by

posting text links and banners on your website.

Get paid when new members signed up for the paid survey affiliate

campaigns using your links and banners.

Almost all affiliate campaigns allow you to use website, email and social

media traffic to promote your affiliate links, giving you more ways to earn.

As an affiliate, you will be able to login to your affiliate account to find

new campaigns that you can use on your website.

And also you will be able to track your performance and see what your

earnings are.

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