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Company information

Hiving is an online consumer panel which allows its members to make money by

completing online paid surveys. It is a French company, founded in 2009,

specializing in market research and consumer feedback.

Open to countries

Open to residents from 20 countries around the world, such as UK, Canada, US, France,

Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy Mexico, China, South Africa.


Your active participation in their online surveys is rewarded with Hiving Points.

These points are convertible to cash and paid through PayPal.

You can exchange your Points for cash once you have collected at least 4 000 Points.

1 000 Points = $1.00

4 000 Hiving points = $5

8 000 Hiving points = $10

12 000 Hiving points = $15

Referral Program

Their listing includes prices in both euros and dollars for all countries.

You can recruit as many Panelists as you please from any and all of our member

countries at the same time.

Example: If you recruit 10 Panelists in France and 10 in Australia,

you will earn $38 (1.1$x10 + 2.7$x10).

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