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Maru Voice Canada is one of the biggest Canadian market research companies.

They pay you to simply fill out quick, simple, and interesting surveys.

As a member of Maru Voice, your opinion will be heard in boardrooms, media,

and government across Canada.

Maru Voice Canada ( former Angus Reid Forum) was founded in 2006 by Dr. Angus Reid,

a well-known Canadian sociologist.

Open to countries

Maru Voice Canada is open for residents of Canada only.

Additionally, as is the standard in the industry, the site does not accept anybody who

works in a market research firm or related industries.


Registration with Maru Voice Canada  is completely free and quick.

The panel sends out invitation emails to members for survey participation.

Types of Surveys Offered

You can collect points for surveys and projects you complete and then you can

redeem them once your account reaches 5000 points ($50).

Most of their surveys award between 50 and 500 points. You will receive three-

four surveys every day.

You will always know in the survey invitation how much you'll receive for completing

it, or if instead you will receive entries into a contest draw.

Monthly Sweepstakes.

1. Fill out your profile and you will be entered to profiling draw: 10 winners of

$100 are chosen on a monthly basis.

2. You can participate in surveys and be entered into participation draw: 1 winner

of $100 and 5 winners of $50 are chosen monthly

2. Refer your friends or family and earn an entry into the recruit draw: 1 winner will win $1000 each year.

Payment information

You can redeem $50 of one of the following options:

  • PayPal
  • iTunes
  • Amazon gift cards
  • VISA cards
  • Google Play

The minimum cash out is $50 (5000 points). To redeem points you can sign in and click

on “Rewards” , then scroll down to the “Redeem Points Here” section and click on “See details”.

Join Maru Voice Canada for free Here

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