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PaidViewpoint is legit and trust website were you can earn cash for

completing market research surveys.

Company Information

Paid Viewpoint is based in 123 10th St., San Francisco,California 94103 

United States and operated by Ask Your Target Market, AYTM Umongous, Inc.

Paid Viewpoint is the market research survey site.

 They will send you an email when survey is available.


Registration on PaidViewpoint is completely free and quick.

Types of Surveys Offered

Their surveys are very short. Each survey has only ten questions.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete. You will receive between $0.5 and $1

per completed survey.

There are three different tipes of surveys: daily surveys, online surveys

and mobile surveys.

Paid Viewpoint has a ranking system called trait score.

In order to receive more surveys and become part of the top 10% of members,

you need a trait score over 9,000.

 Paid Viewpoint will pay you cash for every completed market research survey.

Payment options

 All cash-out payments are made through PayPal.

 Reward Processing Time

 Rewards are processed within 72 hours of request.

Reward Details   

The threshold required to qualify for cash-out is only $15.

Referral Program

Paid Viewpoint offers an awesome referral program where you will earn 20% of

what your referrals earn for taking surveys.

Join Paidviewpoint for free and get a signup bonus of $1.

 Welcome to Business of Your Dreams!