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Pinecone Research is legit and trust surveys website where you can earn

cash online by completing Paid Surveys.

Company is based at the following postal address: 85 Broad Street, New York

10004 United States

Pinecone Research is operated by market research company Nielsen.

Nielsen has A+ rating with Better Business Bureau (BBB).

 Types of surveys and product testing

You will receive online surveys by e-mail.

Pinecone Research will send you only surveys that you qualify for, unlike other

survey panels which send you every survey they have, but first you need to fill

out your profile and may not be eligible to participate in survey.

The length of surveys is around 20 minutes.

Sometimes, Pinecone Research will send you products to test from home.

After testing the product, you can keep it on your home.

 Pinecone Research registration

Membership on Pinecone Research is by invitation-only, so new members

need to be invited by current members to register, or through a referral website.

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link for Americans through their banner on the up of this page.

Rewards and payments

You can receive 300 points for each completed survey with Pinecone Research.

300 points = $3. Once you complete your first survey, Pinecone Research will

send you a check to your mailing address as a security measure.

After receiving your first check, you can choose the type of payment: via

PayPal, check or gift card.

Minimum cash out via check or PayPal is $3.

You can receive your payment within 24 hours.

For gift cards, you have the option of choosing from retailers like Starbucks,

Amazon, I-Tunes, Walmart, etc.


Pinecone Research holds bi-weekly sweepstakes for $500 and quarterly

sweepstakes for $4,500. Every survey you complete gets you chance to win

$500 every two weeks or $4,500 every quarter.

Pinecone Research has excellent customer service.

They will respond you for every question within 1-2 business days.

 Join Pinecone Research for free.

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