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Company information

Survey Club was founded in 2005, based in Denver, USA.

Open for countries

They accept members from United States, Canada, UK and Australia.

Survey Club is one of the most well-respected survey sites online.

Type of surveys and offers

This website specializes in daily paid surveys and high-paying focus groups.

When you join Survey Club, you asked for your zip code so they can invite you to focus

group in your area.

 Focus group participants usually earn between $50 and $200 per hour.

After joining this panel (it’s completely free) you have to complete your profile.

Then you will receive research opportunities like product test, focus groups, clinical

trials, and surveys via email (at least one survey daily).

Rewards information

Earn about $0.50 to $3 dollars for participating in online surveys, completion in-home

product testing, and much more.

Another one of their selling points is that they claim you can make five dollars within 5

minutes of joining.

Once your balance reached minimum $20, you can request a payment from Survey


 Payment time is within 3-4 weeks.

Payment options

You can redeem your cash rewards via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card or check.

Join   Survey Club for free.

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