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Survey Junkie is a legit and trust website which provides real money for taking surveys.

Open to countries

Survey Junkie accepts members from Australia, United Kingdom, and New Zealand,

but most of their members based in the United States and Canada.


Registration in Survey Junkie is completely free and then you can participate in

different surveys on their website or by receiving email invitations.

Surveys and offers

As a member of Survey Junkie you can earn points for taking surveys.

Most of their surveys are 10-20 minutes and you can earn 100-250

 points per survey,100 points=$1.

The good thing with Survey Junkie is that they will give you points even when

you don’t qualify for surveys, just for trying.

Survey Junkie sometimes offers you to participate in focus groups.

Focus groups are surveys where members may discuss different things with each

other while being monitored.

If you participate in focus groups, you can receive around $50 - $100 per hour.

Another way of earning with Survey Junkie is from affiliate marketing networks

which pay for leads. Click here to join my number one affiliate network.

Payment information

You can request cash payments through PayPal account or to e-gift cards as soon

as your Survey Junkie account reaches 1000 points, or $10.

The good thing is that you will receive your payment instantly.

Join Survey Junkie for free.

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