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Surveys4moms is the legitimate and trust website that paid for taking surveys.

Their program is currently only open to moms.

Company information

Surveys4Moms is owned and operated by Precision Sample, LLC and founded

in 2014.

Open for countries

This web site is available for members from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom

and United States.

Types of surveys

Surveys are specifically for mothers with questions about your child’s behavior

and food and toys likes.

There are a lot of the questionnaires about how to make products for your child

safer and more enjoyable.


Registration with Surveys4Moms is quick and completely free.

In order to maximize your profit and increase the amount of surveys you receive

you have to complete all of your profile surveys.

Reward information

For each survey you complete you can earn between $1 and $20.

Payment details

You will get paid bi-weekly via PayPal (minimum redemption is $20), or

Starbucks (minimum redemption is $5).

Referral program

Surveys4Moms offer  two levels referral program where you will  get paid when

your friends and friends of friends take surveys.

Every time your friends complete a survey they will pay you 10% from your

referral’s earnings.

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