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Company information

Vindale Research is an online paid survey panel that owned by SayForExample,

Inc. company.

Open to countries

Vindale Research takes members from USA, UK, Canada and Australia.


Registration is completely free.

When you sign up for Vindale Research, you are paid $2 bonus just for

completing your online profile. 

Vindale Research allows you to fill out profiles on your shopping habits,

including home product purchases, vehicles, business purchases,

entertainment etc.

The more profiles you fill out, the more you get paid and the profiles

better match you with opportunities that Vindale Research will offer.

Once you have completed your profile, they will suggest offers, studies

and surveys every day that you can get paid to complete. 

Types of surveys and offers

There are several ways to make money in Vindale Research.

Their offerings include paid surveys, product testing, incentivized email

marketing, and more.

It is not just filling in surveys that make you earning money online. 

There are multiple ways to get cash. You can make money by: 

 filling in  surveys  

 checking out the amazing daily deals

 making your friends part of the program

 sending a photo or video of yourself with your Vindale payment  for $5. 

 reading paid email: read e-mails you send to advertisers, click on the link

to get a payment of $ 0.1

 uploading videos 

Rewards information

You can earn between $0.25 and $50 per survey, depending on the length of

the survey and how many survey takers are eligible.

Reporting is a large reduction analysis and evaluation of the customer's

products or services, and it can make you up to $ 75 for any opportunity.

Payment options

You can receive the cash payment via PayPal or check.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $50. 

Referral program

Vidale Research have a great referral program.

You can earn $5 for every friend that joins Vindale with your link: 

once your friend earns a verified balance totaling $1 or more, you will

receive $5 for the referral.

Sign-up bonus

In order to get your $2 sign-up bonus you can click  Vindale Research

Fill your email address, username, and password and then submit.

Check your email and click on verification link.

You will earn $2 just for joining.

In order to became active user  you can only complete $1 or more survey

 Welcome to Business of Your Dreams!