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BuxP is legit and trust PTC website where you can earn cash online by viewing

ads, watching videos, doing tasks and offer walls.

As an advertiser you can boost your business with Website Traffic, YouTube

Views / Comments / Likes, Twitter and Facebook Social Media marketing, etc.

This website was founded and managed by Max Cartner on 2008 and has a

good reputation.

Open to countries

BuxP.org is open worldwide.


Registration is completely free and quick.

Ways you can earn cash

There are a lot of ways to earn money on BuxP:

Completing surveys

Watching videos - there are two types of videos you can watch here:

 YouTube videos and Vimeo videos

Tasks - you can earn between $0.1- $0.5 for doing a very simple tasks

like downloading BuxP toolbar, installing Alexa toolbar, liking a Facebook

page and signing up to other websites. First group of tasks are tasks from

BuxP website and the second group are tasks from BuxP members.

Offer Walls – you can earn BuxPoints for traffic exchange credits,

referrals, member visits, premium membership, YouTube views

Payment information

BuxP has been paying their members instantly. Minimum cash out is $7.

Advertising services

Website traffic:

You can receive quality unique visitors to your webpage with possibility

to target your ad to specific countries, control your traffic via a personal

panel and choose your minimum visit time

 Banner Exposure:

You can promote your website via BuxP ad network and receive more

than 100,000 impressions per week as well as get genuine visitors

through your banner ads

YouTube Views:

You can receive real human YouTube views to your video, which are

generated from unique IP's.

Affiliate program

You will earn up to 7.5% commission from your referrals sales.

For example: if an advertiser purchases website visits on BuxP

via your referral link you will earn 7.5% of what the advertiser payed.

 Referral program

You earn 100% (premium members) and 50% (standard members)

of what you referral earns on BuxP.

Join BuxP for free.

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