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Dollarclix is a legitimate and trust “Get Paid To” website.

Members can earn DollarClix points and cash doing various offers and tasks.

Open to countries

Dollarclix is open worldwide.


Registration is completely free and quick.

Types of surveys and offers

Daily Surveys

You can find at the Daily Surveys section a lot of survey opportunities.

There are new surveys available every day and you can earn $0.5- $1 for every

completed survey.

DollarClix Offers

Follow them on Twitter and get updated news, promos, etc.

Member has to click on Follow button and login to Twitter and submit twitter

username in below login ID box.

Post payment proof from DollarClix in a forum, blog, etc. and get rewarded $0.1

Proof should be within 30 days of payment. It should be in new thread each time.

Banner should be added in payment proof page.

Offer walls

Complete various offers to earn DollarClix points: visit brands websites, sign up for

great programs and services, participate in trials, watch videos, etc.

Payment information

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $1 for PayPal and minimum 500 points

for Amazon. Payments are sent daily. For every new member, they will process

payment within 72hours.

Referral program

They have great referral program with 2 levels.

You will receive 15% of whatever your referrals make from level 1 and 10% from level 2.

Moreover you will get promo bonus $0.25 when your referral will reach at $1.

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