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Company information

Treasure Trooper is a “Get Paid To” website were members can earn

cash for shopping, completing offers and tasks, taking daily surveys, etc.

Open to countries

Treasure Trooper is open to members worldwide, but mostly for United

States, Canada, and United Kingdom residents.


Registration is completely free.

You can receive $1 bonus just for joining Treasure Trooper.

Types of surveys and offers

Cash offers – here you can find hundreds of great offers from $0.5 to $50

that pay for your participation. This is the fastest way to earn cash.

Cash shopping – you can earn cash back on purchases you already make.

For every $5 you earn from cash back shopping section, you will receive

1 platinum coin for great gifts and prizes.

Daily surveys –there are six cash surveys that you can take every day.

You can earn $1 for each of them.

Cash surveys - Study Storm has over 1000 studies available, so you will

likely find one that you qualify for. There is no limit to how many surveys

you can take in one day.

Cash search – use their search engine and get paid cash for the searches

your already doing.

Cash Mobile – you can receive $.5 for every mobile app that you install

and then open on your cellphone device.  

Cash Calls - a great way to make some extra cash, just by calling the

advertisers, asking good questions, and listening to what they have to

say for a few minutes.


Minimum cash out is $20. You can receive your payments via check or PayPal.

Referral program

At the starting level(Bronze), you can earn 20% of the cash offers and cash

shopping that your first level referrals complete and 5% from your second

level referrals (the referrals of your referrals). Your commissions will increase

on the next levels: Silver, Gold and Diamond, when you will refer more referrals.

Join TreasureTrooper for free and receive $1 bonus.

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