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UniqPaid is legit and trust PTC website where you can earn cash

online by completing Paid Tasks and Paid Surveys, signing up for Free

Offers, reading E-mails, Visiting Sites and Online Shopping.

Open to countries

UniqPaid is an international online panel. Memberships are available



Registration on UniqPaid is completely free and quick.

You will receive 10% cash bonus for each offer completed during the first

2 days after your registration.

Payment information

UniqPaid pay you via PayPal and by check.

Minimum payment through PayPal is $0.01, and by check is only $5.

You can receive instant payment via PayPal.

Referral program

They have a great referral program.

There are 3 referral tiers and there is no limit for referrals.

From your direct referrals you will earn 10% of their earnings, 5% from

second tier of referrals and 1% of your 3rd tier of referrals.

You also can earn $1 for every active referral (member is considered

active after earning $5).

 In addition they pay you for referring Advertisers.

You will get 10% from all Advertisers' deposits for the duration of the

Advertisers' activity in the program.

How you can start your advertising campaign with UniqPaid?

Do you wish your business to bring you great profits?

Do you need a ton of people to find out regarding your web site?

Do you wish your product or service to become better-known to and

appreciated by thousands of people?

You can attain all this by creating very little efforts. A small quantity

of cash is enough to begin your own ad campaign.

UniqPaid works with big advertisers who pay thousands of bucks

and little advertisers with advertising budgets below $50.

UniqPaid give many styles of on-line advertising:

Pay-Per-Lead - from $0.15

You pay just for the proper and correct completion of your offer.

You pay just for the particular result. You outline the quantity paid

for the completion of your task by the user.

For instance, you will request that users register on your site,

register for your mailing list, participate in your program, register

through your affiliate link, etc.

You'll be able to check the accuracy of every completed registration

and should pay just for the proper ones.

Pay-Per-Survey - from $0.10

You pay money for each completed survey.

You're able to create as many questions and variants of answers

as you would like. A survey could also be an incentive, or not.

You will get only unique respondents. A survey is the best way to

find out about our members' opinions.

Pay-Per-Visit - from $0.01

You pay money for the particular unique person who visits your site.

Your website is going to be visited only by members that have an

interest in your offer. This is the best way to attract thousands of

targeted visitors to your website.

UniqPaid provide you with a large type of options to set up your

Pay-Per-Visit offer.

Pay-Per-Email - from $0.01

UniqPaid has over 115,000 members; most of them have agreed to

receive e-mails from our advertisers. You'll send your e-mail along

with your offers to all of the members who have agreed to receive e-mails.

This is a large audience that will receive and read your promotional e-mail

and then will visit your website and participate in your program.

It is no spam. All responses are opt-in. you simply pay money for those

members that read your e-mail and click on your link, e.g. visit your website.

This is very effective and common way of advertising.

Unlike other Pay-Per-Email programs UniqPaid do not take cash for the

amount of e-mails sent, however just for Real Visits to your website.

Pay-Per-Impression - from $5.00 for 1,000 Banner Impressions

You can place your banner or text link on Uniqpaid

All their members can have the chance to see your banner and click on

it to visit your web site. Banners on UniqPaid have a really high

Click-Through Rate. It's regarding 2-5%, which is far over with regular

banner exchanges.

You'll pay money for every 1,000 of your banner impressions.

This is a really effective and cheap way to advertise.

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