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Micro jobs are small jobs (tasks) that can be finished within a few hours or few

minutes. These tasks are simple and most people, with just basic knowledge of 

internet, can do it. Micro jobs websites are platforms where micro-workers can

get paid for various microtasks.

In most cases, the tasks are simple and require very little time to be completed.

The tasks include data entry, sign ups, social bookmarking, forum participation,

adding comments, surfing the web, downloading applications, forum posting,

rating content, working with social networking sites, etc.

You are inspired to enter a bid for such menial jobs announce on small jobs


Alternatively, you'll be able to advertise your ability and availableness thus

customers who have specific needs might do a job match and would interact

your service at agreed rate.

Overall, these small jobs websites may be used as a base for you to nurture

your skills any whereas you still get paid via your promotional activities on the


Following is a list of popular micro jobs websites:

Join Clickworker.              

Click here for Clickworker review.

Join UniqPaid.


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