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Company information

Clickworker based in Germany with more than 800.000 users working all over

the world incorporated in 2005 and established as a brand in 2010.

Clickworker is a legitimate crowd-sourcing platform where you can work as

a freelancer doing micro jobs. There are companies (customers) that have

micro jobs to be done from the one side and registered independent contractors

(click workers) from another side.

Open to countries

This platform is available worldwide.

 You can work from your computer at any time convenient for you and use

various web browsers to make money by completing tasks.

Job types

There are various tasks for making money from home for you. Here are just a

few examples:

Surveys for cash

Validation and structuring


Text Creation – Writing or editing of simple texts, providing unique content,

or search engine optimization

Keyword Assignment and Categorization

Web Research

Product Data Management

Mobile Crowdsourcing – On-site creation, collection, evaluation, and verification

of data’s (such as photos, geocodes, addresses) with the use of smartphones



Registration on Clickworker is completely free and quick. First, you will need

to have a valid PayPal account in order to receive payments. Then you have to

complete a profile and pass some basic assessments to qualify for certain tasks

 before you start doing any jobs.

There are 2 types of assessment: base assessments for future projects

and project assessments for specific projects.

Most jobs require that you have at least 90% score.

Once you finished your assessments, you can find tasks on hit app page.

Then you completed and submitted your job, and it going for review by an


If editor validates the job, you will receive credit into your account.

Apart from tasks described above, you can qualify to complete tasks on UHRS

(Universal Human Relevance System). UHRS is a separate website that offers

micro jobs like a categorization of internet data and web pages. UHRS is not

available for all Clickworkers. Assessments “UHRS I” and “UHRS II” will appear

in the assessments section if it is available in your country and for your

language skills.

You must successfully pass both assessments to qualify.


You can earn from few cents to $10 depending on the project and the task.

Jobs on clickworker are payable after 7 days, jobs that are been done on

UHRS are payable after 21 days. The payable sums of all user accounts are

checked once a week. For PayPal accounts minimum payment is €5.

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