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Company information

MintVine is the online survey panel managed and operated by company

named Branded Research Inc.

MintVine is based at the following postal address: 343 4th Ave,

Suite 201, San Diego, CA   92101 United States

Open for countries

Their surveys are available for the United States, Canada,

India, and United Kingdom citizens.


Registration is simple and easy and takes only a few minutes.

They will pay you $3 bonus for filling out profile survey.

MintVine has several ways to make money.

They work on a point system, where with 100 points you will earn $1.

Types of surveys and offers

Mint Vine has several ways to make money.

All new surveys that match your qualifications will be emailed to your

 email address and will also appear on the dashboard when you login.

Offers include simple promotional campaigns for different products

and services.

 For example: an offer to sign up for a new online subscription service

or to join a coupon club.

 Local Deals offer great deals at a wide variety of your favorite local places:

restaurants, gyms and car services.

 You can get a good deal and earn some points.

 MintVine work on a point system, where with 100 points you will earn $1.

 Most of the studies are in a range of 40 points.

On some of them you will earn even 150-300 points per survey.

 It takes between 10-20 minutes to complete.

You can earn 5 points with daily polls every day.

Reward information

In this panel, the low level of the minimum payment is $10, it is very convenient

to make a quick profit and get the money.


You can redeem your points for cash paid to your PayPal account or via Amazon


Redemptions take approximately 48 hours to process.

Referral program

In their referral program you can earn 15% from each friend's earnings on all

surveys and offers.

Once your friends complete their first survey, you will also receive a 50 point

bonus ($0.50)

Join  MintVine for free and receive $3 for profile survey.

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