Paidverts is a Paid-To-Click website, where you can earn from $0.005 up to $100 for viewing 30 seconds of ad.

It is free to join.From the very beginning you will earn small income but if you are working hard continuously

then you can earn big money in few months.You will receive your income by Payeer, Bitcoin, Payza etc. which

is one of the best way to receive online payment.

Join Paidverts Here , then check your email and confirm your registration. Next accumulate BAP (Bonus Ad Points).

BAP is the currency in Paidverts. The more BAP you have, more higher value ads you will receive.

So you need to collect more BAPs. Visit the Paid Ads section in the right side and view your Activation Ads to

stock up on Bonus Ad Points.

Before viewing the paid ads, you need to type the text in the 3 images provided there. You can simply click on

‘copy paste’ icon provided in-front of the text box.

You will find 16 activation ads daily. It starts with 22 BAP and then 25 BAP for each ad.  

So checking all 16 activation ads will give you 400 BAP.

Welcome bonus: 300 BAP for joining PaidVerts today.

Each BAP will give you $0.0005. So Next Day, you will receive 400  x 0.0005=$0.2 + 16 activation ads.

You need to check your account at least twice in a day otherwise you can miss your paid ads.

Next day, after viewing all the paid ads + activation ads, you will receive $0.2 and 400 BAPs.

You can earn more income. If you have 2500 BAPs then you can buy a $0.05 upgrade to view recycled ads .

Recycled ads are those ads which are not seen by other members. So if you buy a $0.05 upgrade, you will

receive recycled ads worth more than $1 in addition to your paid ads and activation ads.

You can also buy ad pack and get more BAP. Each time you buy a $1 ad pack which will give you 50 visits

to your website, you will get 2400 BAP.

The more BAP you have in your account, the more ads you will get and the more earnings you will get per

ad you click on.

Referral Program.

You can refer your friend and earn 10% of earnings he receive by viewing his ads.

Other ways to earn BAP is by Click Grid, cash offer and playing games.

Join Paidverts Here

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