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SendinBlue created  to serving small and medium-sized businesses.


With SendinBlue you can easily manage your contacts, design and send

emails, automate customer workflows, and follow the results in one place.

They offers email, SMS and IP plans.

The IP plans are for digitally signing emails.To protect the quality of service,

your future campaigns may only be sent through a dedicated IP address.

This will enable you to directly manage and monitor your reputation and

sign email messages with your own domain name. 

They charges only $12 a month for a dedicated IP.

Their plugins allow to integrate with Prestashop, Magento, Drupal and WooCommerce.

With SendinBlue you are able to send transactional emails include order and dispatch


SendinBlue has easy mobile friendly Drag & Drop template designer.

You can select and customize templates for emails that are easy to create.

In addition they have the following features:

Marketing Automation : This feature enables our customers to send targeted emails

based on a contact's activity on their website or email engagement behavior.

Send less email, and be more accurate for a guaranteed in engagement.

Email Heatmap : This feature allows our customer to see where their contacts

click most, and optimize their email copy and layout to get better responses.

Dynamic list : Users can create lists that are automatically updated every 24 hours

based on a set of predetermined filters.


 SendinBlue works great for two types of businesses:

 Small businesses that just want to test how to start with email marketing.

Their free plan works excellent for small business.

 Growing businesses that starting with the lite plan.

They will be able to send 40,000 emails a month for only $25.

What do I like best?

Free plan which is enough to start with.

The paid plans are more affordable compared to the plans of other e-mail

marketing plans: 40,000 emails for only $25.

Unlimited contacts even in the free plan.

Customer service is very helpful and quick as well.

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