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Squishy Cash is the legitimate and trust “Get Paid To” website that paid for

completing various offers, tasks and surveys.


Registration is completely free. You will receive your $3 sign-up bonus.

Types of surveys, offers

Freebies: free offers, paid surveys, radio loyalty, offer walls

You can earn a few dollars by sharing your information with reputable

advertisers, in the Free Offers section. No credit card is ever required.

There are a lot of daily opportunities. As you complete free offers, you will

earn daily, weekly and monthly contest bonuses on top of your offer earnings.

Free Offers:

There are a lot of completely free offers available on Squishy Cash.

You can earn about $0.4 for each offer. They update the free offer list with

new offers every day. Free offers will ask you to do things like:

-Sign up for free websites and confirm your email address.

-Download a game or a new toolbar.

-Fill out a form with your real info and complete the offer path (yes, no, or skip).

It's important to keep in mind that while completing the offer path, you are

encouraged (if something interests you), but not obligated to sign up for any

additional offers.

-Complete market research surveys.

Paid surveys:

There are a lot of daily surveys in the Surveys section. In addition, Squishy Cash

constantly add new surveys to this section. You can earn here free cash every day.

Radio Loyalty:

You can earn cash by turning on the radio and listening.

Paid to Click Ads:

Paid to click ads are completely free to click and will only take a few seconds of

your time.

Trial Offers

You can earn a larger amount of money with little effort in the Trial Offers section.

Some trial offers are completely free; however some may have a small trial fee

for shipping or handling.

You can try products and services during the trial period and finish the trial

past the trial end date. The average payout for trials on Squishy Cash

is $5.

As you complete trial offers, you will earn daily, weekly and monthly contest

bonuses on top of your offer earnings.

Cashback Shopping

They offer cashback rewards for shopping at all the same stores you already


If you do not see a store on their list, let them know and they promises do

their best to add it.

They sometimes are able to provide coupons codes for specific stores

so you can save even more. As you shop online at Squishy Cash, you will

earn daily, weekly and monthly contest bonuses on top of your cashback



Payment information

The minimum cash out amount is $20. Payments are sent the next day via

check, PayPal or Amazon card.

Referral program

You can earn passive income on Squishy Cash with their great referral


You will earn $1 for every active referral you send to Squishy Cash

and 25% of their cash offer earnings.

Plus you'll earn 5% from your second level referrals and 2% from your

third level.

Sign-up bonus

Fill your email address, username, and password and then submit.

Check your email and click on verification link.

You will earn $3 just for joining.

In order to get active user tag you can only complete offer of minimum $0.25

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