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You can see on my Welcome to Business of Your Dreams page the information

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If you live in USA or Canada and want to earn extra money quickly, here you can

find the best paid online surveys.

 Sign up with best legitimate  online paid surveys sites and start making money

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1.     FusionCash

 Free Money at FusionCash!

Fusion Cash is the legitimate and trust website that paid for doing trial offers,

taking surveys, and joining online clubs. It is completely free.

Just for signing up you will receive a bonus $5.When you make $25 you can be

immediately cash out.

You can link up a bank account to have the money directly deposited into it or

receive money through PayPal.

FusionCash Review

Join  FusionCash for free and receive $5 bonus!


2.     Vindale Research

 Vindale Research is one of the oldest and most established companies of paid


Although Vindale Research is primarily paid surveys-focused, you have been

offered several other ways to earn cash online.

You can get money through PayPal when you make $50.

 Vindale Research review

 Join  Vindale Research for free.

3.     MintVine

Mint Vine is the online survey panel managed by company from California named

Branded Research Inc.

Their surveys are available for USA, Canada, India and UK citizens.

Registration is simple and easy and takes only few minutes.

Mint Vine has several ways to make money. They work on a point system, where

with 100 points you will earn $1.

Mint Vine Review

Join  MintVine for free and receive $3 for profile survey.


4.     SurveySavvy

 Survey Savvy is one of the best online paid survey panels.

Rewards: minimum $1 payment for taking survey.

With Survey Savvy you can take online surveys in exchange for cash and get

paid by check.

Request a check with only $1 in your account.

SurveySavvy Review

Join   SurveySavvy for free.


5.     Survey Club 

Survey Club is one of the most well-respected survey sites online.

This website specializes in daily paid surveys and high-paying focus groups than

can pay over $100.

Once your balance reached minimum $20, you can request a payment from

Survey Club.

You can redeem your cash rewards via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card or check.

Survey Club review

Join   Survey Club for free.


6.     LegerWeb

Leger Web is the online survey panel of Leger Marketing - Canadian online

market research company from Montreal.

 Members get paid by cash (check) or Air Miles for every survey they complete.

You can request a reward when your account reaches a minimum of $20.

LegerWeb review

Join  LegerWeb for free.


7.    Swagbucks has the web's most popular rewards program that gives you

free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you already do online.

Earn points when you shop at your favorite retailers, watch entertaining videos,

search the web, answer surveys and find great deals.

 Redeem points for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart

or get cash back from PayPal.

 $3 is the minimum to cash out via Amazon.

8.  Rewarding Ways is a "Get Paid to (GPT)" website where you can make

money online completing paid surveys and offers.

You can request a payout anytime you earn over $1.

They pay their members daily using PayPal or Amazon.


9.    Hiving

 Hiving is a free-to-join paid online consumer panel.

In return for fully completing one of their surveys, you will earn 

“Hiving Points”.

These Points can be exchanged later on for cash and paid through PayPal.

You must collect at least 4 000 Hiving points in order to redeem them for $5.

Hiving review


10.    Paidviewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is the market research survey site.

Their surveys are every short. Each survey has only ten questions.

 It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

 All cash-out payments are made through PayPal.

The threshold required to qualify for cash-out is only $15.

Paid Viewpoint review


11.    CashCrate

 Get Paid To Do Free Offers!

CashCrate is a GPT (get-paid-to) website where you can earn cash for

completing offers, doing tasks, and participating in online surveys.

CashCrate awards checks to its members. A $20 balance is required in

order to request a check. Payments take around 3-4 weeks to receive.

CashCrate review

Join   CashCrate for free.


12. Get Paid

Get Paid is one of the largest free online rewards programs.

You can earn coins with online activities such as:

daily surveys and offers, watching videos, playing games,

searching websites, etc. Minimum cash out is $1.

Get Paid earning secrets

Join Get Paid for free.


13.    DailySurveyPanel

 DailySurveyPanel offers a large variety of surveys for you to complete

and fast payouts.

 You will be able to complete surveys almost on a daily basis.

Their redemptions start as low as 500 points (you can earn that by

taking one or two surveys).

 Processing most of the payments is within 24-48 hours.

Daily Survey Panel review

Join  DailySurveyPanel  for free and get a $1 sign up bonus.


14.    QuickRewards

 QuickRewards Network is an incentive-based marketing company.

Their members will be able to get paid for shopping online, visiting

websites, taking online surveys, reading paid emails, using grocery

store coupons, signing up for offers and much more.

Instantly payments. Cash out for PayPal with as little as a penny

or for Gift Cards starting at $5.

Quick Rewards Review

 Join  QuickRewards for free.


15. SurveyEveryone

You can earn cash just by sharing your opinions with SurveyEveryone.

Minimum cash out is $20. Members can withdraw cash via PayPal.

Survey Everyone review

Join   SurveyEveryone for free.


16.    MyPoints

MyPoints is a shopping rewards program.

Ways to earn points are surveys, games and more.

Redeem these points for gift cards, cash by deposits to

your PayPal account or visa prepaid card.

Minimum 1,550 Points ($9) required for Gift Cards redemption.

MyPoints Review

Join   MyPoints for free.


17.       Points2Shop


Points2Shop is one of the largest free online rewards programs.

You can earn  points or cash with online activities such as

completing surveys and offers, watching videos, playing games,

shopping online and much more.

You can redeem your points for millions of rewards that are available

on the Points2Shop website including Amazon gift cards and game cards or

you can withdraw your cash earnings online. Minimum cash out is $1.

Points2Shop review

Join  Points2Shop for free.


18.     Memolink


Get $5 free when you join Memolink. Joining is easy and fast. 

Answer surveys, test products, refer friends, complete tasks, read

email, play games- like them on Facebook and earn points that equal

cash in your pocket.

Minimum cash out is $10, which means you will need 

16,000 points to redeem for that amount.

Memolink Earning Secrets

Join   Memolink for free.


19.     Creation rewards

 In order to earn points take daily surveys, shop online, watch videos,

explore websites, try offers, and much more.

Redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite stores, such

as Amazon.com or Walmart.

Or redeem your points for cash through PayPal. 

Creationrewards earning secrets

Join   Creationsrewards for free.


20.     InstaGC

 Earn points for things you already do online, such as: completing

surveys, watching videos, shopping online, searching the web, visit websites.

Redeem your points for gift cards. 100 points=$1. Instantly payments.

InstaGC earning secrets

 Join  InstaGC  for free.

 21.  Global Test Market

Global Test Market members earn Points for taking surveys.

Payments can be made by cash (via PayPal or check) and amazon

gift cards. One account per mailing address, accept member worldwide.

For every successful survey completed, members are awarded points.

Survey lengths vary, but are typically between 10 - 20 minutes.

20 points = approximately $1.

Global Test Market Review.



 22. Survey4Moms

Surveys are specifically for mothers with questions about your child’s

behavior and food and toys likes.

Registration with Surveys4Moms is quick and completely free.

For each survey you complete you can earn between $1 and $20.

You will get paid bi-weekly via PayPal (minimum redemption is $20),

or Starbucks (minimum redemption is $5).

Survey4Moms Review


 23. Offernation

Making money online is easy with Offernation.

They provide Free Paid Surveys and Worldwide offers to help you earn cash

working online.

The length of surveys is about 10-30 minutes and you will get from $1 to $2

per survey.

It is possible to request payment as soon as you reached the sum of $1.

 You can expect to receive money immediately via PayPal, Payza and Amazon.

OfferNation review.

Join Offernation for free.

24. Prize Rebel 

Prize Rebel is open for citizens from the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Prize Rebel is a FREE membership rewards website, where you are rewarded

for completing tasks and activities.

In return for your time and participation you will earn points, which you can

redeem for gift cards, online game codes, Amazon items and PayPal cash.

Payments processing 24 hours.

Prize Rebel review

25. SuperPay me

SuperPay me is an online consumer panel which allows its members to make

money by completing online paid surveys, paid trials and PTC.

Each survey takes normally between 5-20 minutes to complete.

Usually the rewards vary between $0.50 and $1.50.

Members can withdraw cash and points using PayPal, Payza, Skrill,

Bitcoin & Amazon

Gift Cards.

SuperPay me review

Welcome to Business of your dreams.

26. Unique Rewards.

UniqueRewards - online rewards program

Unique Rewards has a wide range of ways to earn.

You will get cash for taking surveys online, completing offers, reading emails,

visiting websites and shopping online.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $20.

You can receive your payment on a weekly basis, each Monday. 

Members can withdraw cash via PayPal and by check.

Unique Rewards review.


 27. Bank Rolls Bucks

There are a lot of ways to earn money here: watching videos, visiting

websites, 30 daily surveys, email submits, downloads mobile apps,

trial offers and cashback shopping.

All withdraw options can be requested as many times during the day

as you want, as long as you reach the $1 minimum.

Payments are sent within an hour.

Bank Rolls Bucks review


 28. Opinion Gateway

There are a few ways to earn money here: taking surveys,

reading emails and testing products.

 Members can withdraw cash via gift cards, PayPal or checks.

Opinion Gateway review


 29. Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards is one of the largest free online rewards programs.

You can earn cash with online activities such as: shopping, web searching,

taking surveys, watching videos, completing offers, etc.

DailyRewards Review

30. Quick Pay Survey

Quick Pay Survey is an online rewards company where you can

earn money for reading emails, taking surveys, completing offers,

referring friends and more. You can earn the minimum payment

amount of $15 in just minutes.

Quick Pay Survey review

31. Vivatic

Vivatic.com is an online rewards panel with a lot of ways to make

money online, such as: online surveys, cash offers, tasks and

writing jobs.

Vivatic Earning Secrets 

32. GetPaidTo

Getpaidto.com is an online panel that enables individuals to earn

points which can be redeemed for products shown on their website

and also receive cashback.

They have a lot of ways for you to earn points: taking paid surveys,

completing offers, tasks, etc.

Minimum cash out $10. Instantly payments.

GetPaidTo Review

33. TreasureTrooper

TreasureTrooper is a “Get Paid To” website were members can earn

cash for shopping, completing offers and tasks, taking daily surveys, etc.

Minimum cash out is $20. You can receive your payments via check or PayPal.

TreasureTrooper Review

34. SquishyCash 

Squishy Cash is the legitimate and trust “Get Paid To” website that paid for

completing various offers, tasks and surveys.

Registration is completely free. You will receive your $3 sign-up bonus.

The minimum cash out amount is $20. Payments are sent the next day via check,

PayPal or Amazon card.

SquishyCash Review

35. GiftHulk

Gift Hulk is a legitimate and trust “Get Paid To” website.

Members can earn Hulk Coins doing various offers and tasks.

You can redeem your Hulk Coins for cash and receive payments via

PayPal, Amazon card, Walmart, Best Buy, Home Depot.

1,000 Hulk Coins = $1. Minimum cash out is 5,000 HCs or $5.

GiftHulk Review

36. SurveysEmail

Surveys Email is is a legitimate and trust “Get Paid To” website where

you can earn money for reading emails, taking surveys, completing

offers and referring friends.  

Member’s earnings will be paid via PayPal. Minimum cash out is $25.

SurveysEmail Review

37. DollarClix

Dollarclix.com is a legitimate and trust “Get Paid To” website.

Members can earn DollarClix points and cash doing various offers and tasks.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is $1 for PayPal and minimum 500 points

for Amazon. Payments are sent daily.

DollarClix Review


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