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Company information

Univox Community is owned and operated by marketing research

company Market Cube.

Market Cube is based at the following postal address: 103-3015 Dunes

West Blvd, Mt. Pleasant, SC  29466 US.


Registration is completely free and quick. You will receive the signup

bonus of $5.

Open to countries

Univox Community is open for members from all over the world.

Most of their surveys are very short and can be completed in 10-20 minutes.

After completing a survey, you will earn reward points. 100 points =$1.

Minimum redemption is 2500 points.

You can request a $25 cash payment via PayPal or $25 Amazon gift card.

Loyalty program

Univox Community has 4 levels of users, which helps to verify your account

and the process of redemption:

Basic Users – When you join the Univox Community, you are at Basic Level.

In order to activate Redemption Button, you need to have 2500 points.

Verified users - Once you successfully claim two rewards, your account will

be reviewed for the Verified Level and you can request redemption once you

reached 2000 points.

Premium users - When your account meets all the parameters of the

Premier account, it will be automatically upgraded to Premier Level and

you can request redemption at 1500 points.

 Ambassador users - Once you are at Ambassador Level you can request

redemption at 1000 points. Ambassador Level users also get the benefit

of the quick redemption process.

Referral program

Univox Community has good referral program: you will earn 100 points per

referral when he made 10 survey attempts or fully completed his first survey.

Join Univox Community and receive a bonus of $5.

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