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Company information

Vivatic is based at the following postal address:

Ryland House, 24a Ryland Road, London NW5 3EH, United Kingdom


Registration is completely free and quick.

You will receive $1 sign up bonus.

Types of surveys and offers

Vivatic is an online rewards panel with a lot of ways to make

money online, such as:

Online surveys - filling up simple questionnaires for marketing

research companies

Cash offers - free offers that ask you to sign up with another GPT

or online survey website, or free trials.

Tasks - such as image interpretation, feedback on a logo, web pages

tagging and categorizing

Writing jobs

Number of surveys available from Vivatic.com survey partners are

various from 1 to 10 surveys each week.

Surveys generally last between 5 mins and 30 mins.


Minimum cash out is $20. You can withdraw your cash earnings via


Referral program

They have a good referral program: you can earn 20% from your

referrals earnings.

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